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A role's Win Condition is the means by which the player, if the condition is achieved, is declared the winner of the game. The game continues each day so long as two teams with mutually exclusive Win Conditions are alive (e.g. by definition the town cannot win the with the scum and vice versa).

Not all Win Conditions are mutually exclusive. For example, a Survivor's win condition is generally met at the same time either the Town's or the Scum's.

Common Win Conditions

  • Town: The Town wins when all scum are eliminated (by executions, nightkills, or other means).
  • Mafia: The Mafia win when they gain unassailable dominance over the Town (e.g. if they compose 50% or more of the total population of players in the game and the town cannot reasonably regain control).
  • Serial Killer: The Serial Killer wins when they are the last person alive. (This is generally the same as the Mafia's win condition; if there are two players alive at the end of the game, and one is the Serial Killer, the SK is generally judged the victor. The situation is more confusing if the other player is Mafia, and is generally left to mod discretion.)
  • Survivor: The Survivor wins if they are alive at the end of the game, irrespective of whether the Town or Scum achieved their win condition.
  • Jester: The Jester wins if he / she is executed by the town. If the Jester is nightkilled, they are generally not considered to have won.
  • Lyncher: The Lyncher wins if he / she successfully gets the town to execute their target (the Lynchee). (If the Lynchee is nightkilled, the Lyncher is generally not considered to have won. Note that this is one of the few roles, depending on mod discretion, that could theoretically win posthumously if the town executes the Lynchee after the Lyncher is killed.)