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A Vigilante is a pro-town role where a player can choose to kill another player. There are two types of vigilantes.

  • Night Killing Vig - The player sends out their kill choice to the mod during the night. This type is kill is usually done anonymously. It can be blocked if the target is protected, bulletproof, or the vig is roleblocked.
  • Day Killing Vig - Commonly know as a "dayvig," the player typically types the command ##kill PlayerName in thread, or contacts the mod privately if the kill is secret. If the mod is around, they will lock the thread and then post flavor and flip about who was killed. If the mod isn't around, players should stop talking until they show up. This kind of kill can almost never be blocked. In many cases, the vigilante will be confirmed as town. Typically a daykill does not end the day, but every vig should clarify with their mod if it wasn't made explicit in their role PM. If it ends the day, the execution will be made null, and the game will go straight into night.

Additionally, there are some vigilante variations:

  • Overeager Vigilante - The player is forced to kill every night, like a serial killer, but wins with the town.
  • Paranoid Gun Owner - The player kills anyone that targets him with a night action.

Vigilantes are generally given a finite number of kills that they can make, so they must be sure to choose their targets carefully. The most common variation is a day killing vigilante with only one shot. Players with "extra" nightkills are almost always town, as having too many killing roles can tip the game in favor of the scum very quickly.

If played correctly, a daykill that doesn't end the day can be the equivalent of a second town execution. However, it has become increasingly popular for dayvigs to use their daykill on their own volition, without consulting the town. This has the benefit of securing solitary glory for the player if they kill scum, but runs the risk of having the player called an idiot for shooting blindly and killing a townie.

It is recommended that all vigilantes should use discretion with their shots, because killing another player is a very powerful ability that shouldn't be wasted.