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Completed Mini Games

  1. Flavor Mafia. (Town Doctor) LOSS
  2. Mostly-Newbie Mini Mafia. (Town Doctor) LOSS
  3. MAFIA - NFC Minimafia! (Town Bulletproof/SK Cop) WIN
  4. The Fall of God Mafia Scum Victory. (Scum God-vig) WIN
  5. Highlander Mini Mafia Scum Victory. (Scum Roleblocker) WIN
  6. Random Role Mini Mafia Scum Victory. (Town Vanilla) LOSS
  7. Time Zone Mafia Town Victory. (Town Watcher) WIN
  8. Shark Judge Mafia Town Victory. (Town Vanilla) WIN
  9. Pro-Wrestling Mafia! Scum Victory. (Replaced in, Town Vanilla) LOSS
  10. Wal-Mart Mafia Town Victory. (Replaced in, Town Vanilla) LOSS
  11. Stranded at Sea Mafia Scum Victory. (Scum Suicide Bomber) WIN
  12. Inventor Mini Mafia Scum Victory. (Replaced in, Scum Inventor) WIN
  13. High School Mafia Town Victory. (Town Trackahontas) WIN
  14. Toy Mafia Scum Victory. (Third Party Survivor Lover Masons) LOSS
  15. The Cave of Retarded Wishes. (Third Party Dueling SK) WIN
  16. Message In A Bottle Mafia Abandoned by mod. (Town Something)
  17. Be Nice Mafia Town Victory. (Replaced in, Town Something) WIN
  18. Deep South Mafia Town and Survivor Victory. (Town Cop)WIN
  19. SimAnt Mafia Mafia Victory. (Third Party Betrayerhontas) LOSS
  20. The Murder Lottery Scum Victory. (Vanilla Scum) EPIC WIN
  21. Evil Dead Mafia Scum Victory. (Town Something) LOSS
  22. Oddball Mafia Scum Victory. (Town Fairy Godmother) LOSS
  23. Evil Dead 2 Mafia Town Victory. (Cultist) LOSS
  24. Samurai Assassins | Ronin of Rakuen Town Victory. (Scum roleblocker) LOSS
  25. Fables IN PROGRESS
  26. Disney IN PROGRESS

Completed Large Games

  1. GBS Indiana Jones Mafia. (Town Cop) LOSS
  2. Illuminati (Third Party Spy) Abandoned by Mod.
  3. France 1789: Revolutions. (Replaced In, Town Governor) WIN
  4. Soldiers of the Wasteland 2 North Thread South Thread. (Town Key Holder) LOSS
  5. Hereos Mafia IV: Legacy. (Scum rolecop) LOSS
  6. Tao Jones Fun Land.(Town Mason) LOSS
  7. Hit(men)s of the 80s! (Special Mafia Platinum Edition). Mafia Victory. Hosted by Squiggly. (Town Miller) LOSS
  8. SA Emoticon Mafia Town victory. (Town Vanilla) WIN
  9. MAFIA XIII.4 : Civil War - Part 2 Abandoned by mods. Hosted by Authorman, who replaced Grondemar. (Town Doctor)
  10. The Book of Revelations IN PROGRESS

Modded Games

  1. Sports Mini Mafia. Co-Mod with VOTE1.
  2. Slenderman Mini Mafia. Co-Mod with VOTE1.
  3. GBS' X-Men Mafia! Co-Mod with Factorialite.
  4. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE ACTIONVILLE! Co-Mods: PokeProtector2000, Sombrerero