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Just your standard garden-variety nerd who makes mafia games sometimes, usually based on some aspect of their entirely-too-large record collection.

Of late moving into other sorts of forum games, having run two shit-talking board games and, eventually, the forum reality game King of Forums `18.

Modded/Will Mod These Games:

The "Scene" Games
Games about what happens when pop music starts getting stabby.
Hotel California `76 (December 2014)
NYC `77 (April 2016)
Neuromantic Waves `83
Our Van Could Be Your Life `86 (late 2017?)
Seattle `90
Miserable Bastards `92
The Cover of the NME `95
Backpacker as Fuck `01

Other Mafia Games
Too Many Ramones (March 2015)
Bag-Throwing Simulator 2015: Payday 2 Mafia (August 2015)
David Sanborn Must Be Stopped! (May 2016)

Non-Mafia Games
Around the Plorp (March 2015)
Twenty Player Shit-Talking Candy Land (July 2016)
Twenty-One Player Shit-Talking Chutes and Ladders: An Exciting Up and Down Game For Little Goons (December 2016)
Twenty Player Shit-Talking Candy Land II (late 2017?)
King of Forums `18 (late 2018)

Played These Games

(and didn't sub out)

Awful Survivor: Goons in Platoons (Oct 2014-Jan 2015)
David Bowie Mafia (November 2014)
Brass & Shrapnel (November 2014)
Rampant Consumerism Mafia (December 2014)
Just Post Mafia (December 2014)
Over the Garden Wall Mafia (December 2014)
Cool Hang Out Mafia (Dec 2014-Mar 2015)
Draw3a: I Didn't Realize He Was Copclaiming!!! (December 2014)
24/7 de_dust2 no AWPs 60 tick - CS:GO Mafia (December 2014)
Mountain Goats Mafia (January 2015)
Secret Invasion (February 2015)
The Piano Men (March 2015)
CYOS: The Swan Songs (March 2015)
Amnesia Mafia (April 2015)
SWOLFIA (Your thread title contains invalid characters. Go back and fix it) (June 2015)
Toto: 1978 (August 2015)
Left 4 Dead Mafia (August 2015)
Pinball Mafia (June 2016)
Twenty-Four Player Shit-Talking Casual Monopoly (August 2016)