Third-Party Roles

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Third-party roles are roles that do not win with either the Town or Mafia, but rather have their own Victory Conditions. Third-party roles are very common in SA games as it adds an extra dimension to the Town vs. Mafia dynamic.

Examples of Third-Party Roles

- Serial Killer: By far the most common third-party role to appear in any game, the Serial Killer (or SK) is a player whose goal is to kill every other player in the game and become the last player alive. Serial Killers kill one player every night, just like the Mafia.

- Lyncher: A player whose goal is to lynch one specific other player in the thread.

- Jester: A player whose goal is to be lynched (and not killed) by the town.

- Survivor: A player who must survive to the endgame. A survivor wins no matter who the dominant faction turns out to be, as long as he is alive when the game ends.

- Cult: A group of players that must achieve majority in the game to win. Most cults are focused around a Cult Recruiter that adds new members to the cult each night. Cults do not typically have nightkills.