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One day, a simple man by the name of Iskra Miloslovsky brewed up a very special batch of moonshine - known simply as Shine - that changed the world forever. Much to his surprise, those who drank his creation gained extraordinary abilities - well beyond their wildest dreams! To most, Shine was just an urban legend, and Prohibition was just the Man trying to keep the common people from their alcohol. But anytime a new power rises, so too do those who would take it for themselves...

Created by Podima, the Shine series of Mafia games are usually role madness games. However, nearly all power roles are limited-use, meaning the game eventually transitions to a vanilla game which relies on savvy scumhunting/deft lying to win.

The titular Shine - magical moonshine that gives those who drink it superpowers - is used in-game to fuel players' power roles. Once a player has run out of Shine, they typically can no longer use their power role and are effectively vanilla. Of course, exceptions to this always exist, and every setup is very different - such is the unpredictable nature of Shine!

General Shine Game Rules

  • Each player may have a normal Role, a Shine Role, or both.
  • Shine Roles require Shine to use. You may or may not start with Shine.
  • Shine cannot be traded between players. Hoard your booze!
  • Flips will be in the format of "Player Name", aka "Character Name", "Alignment"-Aligned "Normal Role" {"Shine Role"}, "Flavor".
    • Example: Natural 20, aka Arnold Brandt, División del Norte-Aligned Vanilla {Inverter}, is nowhere to be found when the sun rises!

State Of The World

In the wake of the first great Shine-fueled war that caught the world unprepared, things settled into a curious sort of détente. The great world powers had seen what Shine could do on the battlefield for the first time, and each nation's finest minds frantically considered how to turn its unpredictable might to their advantage. But in the meantime, life moved on.

Those who lived in the new nation of Nuevo Villa - New Home - found that life proceeded much like it had before. Sure, the taxmen spoke more Spanish than English, but all in all things hadn't changed much on the wild western frontier. That all changed when the stories began to spread - thanks to the power of Shine, people were finding untapped veins of gold out West! For those who felt the stirrings of curiosity - the desire to break away from their previous lives and seek fortune out West in a newly-conquered country, that was all the inspiration needed.

The second California Gold Rush has begun, fueled by the unpredictable whimsy of Shine.

Ever since Shine was discovered during the Prohibition, its influence has set America - and eventually the world - on a very different path than the world we live in today. The secret of brewing this moonshine was originally known to only a handful of people, but that knowledge has spread over time - and yet, the American continent has reaped the lion's share of benefits. Still, it is not without its troubles, as the great war between Pancho Villa's rogue army and Texas (which neither Mexico nor the USA saw fit to intervene in) has led to the creation of a new nation stretching from what would have been Montana south to the Mexican border - Nuevo Villa.

The world is still generally in a Prohibition-era industrial state. Train lines stretch across the continent, but individuals still drive wagon trains out west for the second California Gold Rush in pursuit of their fortune. Cities on the coast hum with industry as factories churn out goods to be shipped by sea around the world - though those factories and shipping lines might now be powered by Shiners rather than steam or coal.

Completed Shine Games