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A player's Sanity refers to their ability to perform their role, and what results they receive. The role most associated with Sanity are Cops, though Doctors are sometimes given "Sanities" as well.

The four basic types are:

  • Sane: the role performs normally and as expected.
  • Insane: The role receives "opposite" results; e.g. a Cop receives a "Guilty" result on Townies. The doctor equivalent is typically a CPR Doctor.
  • Naive: The role does not work, or the role always receives "Innocent" results.
  • Paranoid: The role always receives "Guilty" results. The doctor equivalent is typically a Jailor.

What makes sanity different from other aspects of roles is that typically players are not told their "sanity," and they must figure it out as the game progresses.

More detailed descriptions of Cop sanities can be found on the Cop page.