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The Skitzo, or the Random, is a role that has a random night action. The player chooses a target and then the action is randomly determined by the mod from a list of possibilities; the player is generally told what actions are possible. In some instances the player is also informed of what their action was in the morning, but in others it remains unknown.

For example, in Lunatics 2, player "i brought sauce" was an insomniac who sleepwalked in the night. Each night he gave the mod, Tuckfard, his target and then Tuckfard rolled to see what the action would be. In this particular instance, his options were Investigate, Protect, Roleblock, and Kill. The mod used an online die roller program to role a D4 to determine the night action. The player was told what he did in the morning.

It is used rarely due to its unpredictability.