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MafiaBot is our bot on irc in #mafia. For now, there isn't a lot of info here but it'll be brought over from the old site eventually. The bot code is by Wuntvor with some additions by b0lt.

Using MafiaBot

To make MafiaBot do something, you need to give him commands. In the channel, commands are prefixed with ##, for example, to list all currently running games you'd type ##list. You can also just message the bot with your command directly, without the prefix: /msg MafiaBot list. The bot will always reply the way you contacted it.

You can find a list of commands here.

Submitting bugs

The bot does have its quirks, especially during the times when Wuntvor actually has time to work on it. If you do encounter a bug (and please, do report all bugs, suggestions and quirks that you find, even if they are old), please go to and submit a new ticket. Please make sure that the bug has not already been submitted.

Should MafiaBot have any errors, Ardent and Wuntvor have access to reset the bot.

You can find a list of all recent changes in the Changelog.

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