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Hypercharger, or the Superhero, made his first (and so far only) appearance in MAFIA XIII.2: Armageddon.. A Native Youth empowered by a mysterious force, Hypercharger combined the powers of the Cop, Doctor, and Vigilante into a single, nigh-unstoppable force. Hypercharger also had the power to anonymously communicate with other players, fake his own death in event of being lynched or killed in the night, and act both during the day and night. His only vulnerability was his Secret Love, a single Vanilla Townie that he had to keep alive at all cost.

While Grondemar created the Superhero role, CapnAndy gave Hypercharger his unique personality. His greatest regret was the day his original Secret Love, Kilgrey, was replaced by Khris Kruel.

Dragnix is still waiting for Hypercharger to pay to fix his window.

Hypercharger is generally consider the most powerful role in SA Mafia history. Discussions on whether or not a role is overpowered or unbalanced inevitably draw comparisons with the incomparable (albeit unsuccessful) Defender of Tinian Island.