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A Hitman is a mafia-aligned role which essentially acts as a scum Vigilante. It functionally works the same as a Vig by giving the mafia team either a daykill or an additional nightkill. The daykill, as with Vigilantes, could either be anonymous (PM to the moderator) or posted publicly with a ##kill PLAYER. An anonymous daykill would be more beneficial for the mafia's desire for secrecy, but a public daykill could be WIFOM'd as a fakeclaim. Meanwhile, giving the mafia a second nightkill makes the mafia twice as strong. If you give the mafia a nightkilling Hitman, make triple sure it's balanced, because otherwise the town is going to be screwed.

As with most vigilantes, it is generally limited use, but it could be unlimited. Your mod should make it clear in your Role PM but ask them if not.

This is a very uncommon role, so don't be surprised if players are butthurt post-game.