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The Flip occurs after a player has been executed or nightkilled. It can reveal a player's role, alignment, or both. Games labeled "flip off" mean that players will receive no information about a dead player. As a rule, any game played on SA is "flip on" unless specifically stated by the mod.

Levels of Flip

How much a flip reveals is up to the mod.

  • No Flip: a player is simply announced as having died. There might be an explanation as to what killed them - say, a nightkill, or a Lover's suicide.
  • Partial Flip: a player and their alignment are flipped, but not their Mafia role. Occasionally, in flavor-heavy games, a player's Flavor Role will be flipped but not their Mafia role; the players must then infer that, for instance, a "Constable" was a cop, without being explicitly told so.
  • Full Flip: a player's role will be flipped as well as alignment.
  • Super-Duper Full Flip: a player's full Role PM will be published with their flip. This is done in cases where the role is unique or there is an uncommon spin on the role, and the Mod intends the town to understand the mechanics behind it.


The Mafia will occasionally have a Janitor role which removes the flip from a nightkill. Sometimes the Janitor is told what the mopped up player's role was, other times they are as in the dark as the rest of the game.

Many players believe no-flip games are balanced towards the Mafia, as the Town would struggle to make connections between dead Scum players, while also not knowing how well they are doing.