Ecco Gambit

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The Ecco Gambit is the idea that, when starting a game filled with lurkers and shitposters, the correct response is to policy-vote the shitposters until they are all removed from the game. Then you policy-vote the lurkers until they too are removed.

If by the completion of the gambit the game is over, and the town won, congratulations on your satisfying victory!

If the town lost, then you were probably going to lose anyway, what with the town consisting of so many shitposters and lurkers. At least this way you got to punish them for it.

And if the game is not over, begin playing with everyone awful gone elsewhere.

This has never been successfully attempted, mostly because people have a misplaced tolerance for the shitposting and are uncomfortable voting for lurkers. They still get grumpy when the game is over, though.