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Content games are one solution to encouraging/forcing participation in games with a lot of Lurkers where the mod has not implemented any Anti-Lurker Rules or people are just being losers. Here are a few that you can use as examples:

  • Ask people who they would shoot if they had a Vigilante kill and why.
  • Ask people which person/people they would want as scumbuddies and why.
  • Ask people who they would Cop/Track/Doc on Night 1 and why.
  • Start accusing people of being scum based on minor things to test their reactions.

In short, pushing people to create content is the point of a content game. Avoiding taking part in a content game is generally thought of as scummy, so if you are Town it's in your best interest to participate!

Mods also have similar options that they can add to their game if so desired, besides Anti-Lurker Rules:

  • Add in-game events that inspire participation and discussion of outcomes - i.e. "first person to post ##pick up gets a gun with no bullets," and then several hours later "first person to post ##pick up gets a single bullet," and so on. (Credit to Lumpen for this specific example in a game he ran!)
  • Reward participation/penalize lurkers through in-game roles, such as a Vigilante that can shoot the lowest post count player in the thread each night, or an Inventor that can give the highest post count player in the thread a one-shot power each night.