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Creator commands

  • form: Opens the game for other players (like in "normal" games).
  • start: Starts the game. Note that after this commands players still aren't voiced, you have to do this yourself.
  • voice: Lets your players talk in the channel.
  • unvoice: Stops your players talking in the channel.
  • reset: Resets the vote count.
  • add: Adds a player to the game.
  • kill/remove: Removes a player from the game.
  • instalynch: If you have issued "instalynch on", on reaching the instalynch limit players will automatically be devoiced and you will be sent a message.
  • role init: You can use this command to distribute roles. Simply give it as an argument a list of roles with their counts in the syntax "role init Townie(3), Doc(1), Cop(1), Mafia(2)".
  • role send: Sends all roles to the players.
  • role list: Returns a list of all players with their roles.

Player commands

  • votecount: Shows the current vote count.
  • vote: Places a vote.
  • unvote: Removes your current vote.