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A Bandwagon occurs when votes pile up rapidly on a player. This can be caused through another player coming forward with damning evidence, an excellent case made against that player, or the rapid approach of a deadline. Bandwagons are generally seen as bad, since votes are usually cast with little to no original reasoning as the bandwagon picks up steam, and if they occur in a short amount of time can prevent the player from defending or claiming to save himself from being lynched.

If a bandwagon is halted or derailed, players will often comb over the votes that occurred in order to find those who jumped on with little or no reasoning, believing them to be [[scum] casting votes to get someone lynched without having to take responsibility for the case. Sometimes, though, it's just a newer player trusting the judgment of a more experienced player. Still other times it's just someone getting caught up in the moment, or even jokevoting.