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A Traitor is a Mafia role which is separate from the main Mafia team; they may not communicate OOT with their comrades, however they still win with the Mafia. A number of variations exist:

  • The Mafia know who the Traitor is, but the Traitor does not know the Mafia. The Mafia thus protect the Traitor from nightkills and lynches without the Traitor's knowledge.
  • The Traitor knows who the Mafia are, but the Mafia do not know the Traitor. In this case, the Traitor attempts to protect the Mafia with their vote, while not acting so "townie" that they draw the Mafia's nightkill. Sometimes the Mafia aren't even told the Traitor exists in the first place, making the role especially perilous. However sometimes the Traitor is also made Bulletproof to negate these concerns.
  • Neither know the other, and everyone is left in the dark. In these cases, the Traitor needs to figure out who the Mafia is, producing more "genuine" behavior on their part, but at the same time increasing the risk of being nightkilled.

Occasionally there will be a mechanic in place which will allow the Traitor to fully "join" the Mafia and communicate with them OOT.