Anti-Lurker Rules

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Various moderators (and players) have tried out various ways to deal with Lurkers in their games. Example(s) of some rule sets can be found here for your perusal and usage. Enjoy!

Podima's Anti-Lurking Rules v3.3

  • If you don't make at least 10 posts in a game day, you will be permanently ON NOTICE for the rest of the game. Tut tut!
  • If you are already ON NOTICE and do not make at least 10 posts on any subsequent game day, you will be FREELY LIGHTS OUT EXECUTABLE the next day. (Your execution will not end the day, but your flip will be posted at the end of the day!)
  • The above rules will be disregarded if hammer happens more than 24 hours before deadline or the game day lasts less than 24 hours (or otherwise based on mod judgment), and will hopefully only be in effect for the first 2-3 game days if you're all good people.

Notes From Podima:

  • This does require a bit of manual tracking by the mod to compare postcounts at the end of each day, but it's worth it.
  • From experience, I recommend enforcing this AT LEAST through Day 3 for the best effect.
  • Be careful that you don't get into situations where game days are artificially extended thanks to lurkers - judge day lengths accordingly.
  • For shorter games, I recommend removing the ON NOTICE period and simply jumping straight to FREELY EXECUTABLE status.


  • v3.0 - Initial wiki version.
  • v3.1 - Added clause about minimum day length of 24 hours.
  • v3.2 - Added recommendation about treating lurker flips as Lights Out flips.
  • v3.3 - Changed the cutoff for these rules coming into play from a hammer more than 2 hours before deadline to a hammer more than 24 hours before deadline.

Ecco's Doomwall

Every poster who has fewer posts than the moderator by the start of Day 3 is given a warning. They have one day to either:

  • Meet the mod in postcount;
  • Make ten "substantive" posts during the game day (determined by the moderator's judgment, and spread out over the course of the day like a normal person); OR
  • Ask for a replacement.

Those who fail to meet those benchmarks will be chained to a wall overlooking the sea. After the day's hanging, the living players can vote to either [b]##save[/b] them or [b]##condemn[/b] them, collectively (NOT individually). Saved players will get replaced (or modkilled if replacements are not forthcoming). Condemned players fall to their doom and are flipped.

Soaring Kestrel's Hated Lurker Rules

Every 24 hours, players must make 5 posts or receive 1 Hated stack for the rest of the day. These stacks will be reset every new day.

  • Optional: If a player is hammered by a Hated stack and already had a Hated stack on them, the hammer will not end the day and the player will be flipped at EOD.

"Lurker Gun"

"Lurker Guns" put the fate of people who did not meet the minimum post count (set by moderator) in the hands of other players (e.g. as a Vigilante kill targeted specifically at the player in question), and have been implemented in various ways:

  • Top posters from the previous day receive the lurker guns and may unilaterally choose to use them during the day. Unused lurker guns are lost at end of day.
  • Lurker guns as above where the top 2 posters must agree/the majority of the top 3 posters must agree to use it.